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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use different passwords for different services?

If one of your services is being compromised, the hackers can use that information to impersonate you elsewhere. For instance, if you use the same password to login to facebook as you use to login to you email, if either of those is compromised, the hackers now has access to both services.

Why would I use PassGator?

This is a very secure online service that can store all your usernames and passwords. It allows for quick retrieval so that you can chose a unique password (and username) for all your online activities.

Can PassGator see my passwords?

No. This service requires a master password that only you know of. Without this password it is not possible to encode the passwords.

Will PassGator be able to recover my data if I lose my password?

No. If you forget your password to this service, there is no way to decrypt the passwords, unfortunately. We never store your password to this service so you must make sure to keep this in a safe place. Hopefully you will use our service every day so you never are going to forget the password.

Will any third party be able to decrypt my passwords?

No, we use very strong standard encryption algorithms that have not been broken. These are the same algorithms used by the US Military and Governmental organizations around the world.

Does PassGator work on mobile devices?

Yes, this service is optimized to be used on various devices ranging from smartphone like iPhone and Android to desktops with standard browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.

Is it safe to use this service on a wireless connection?

Yes. All communication with this service encrypted. You can safely use this in untrusted wireless networks and/or on public machines

Will you share any of my information with any third party?

No. We take privacy very seriously, and will never share information with others.

Why am I locked out after 5 login attempts?

To prevent unauthorized access and brute-force attempts

If I forget my username, can it be recovered?

Yes, it can be restored if you have registered (optional) your email-address and answer correctly to the personal question. However, your password can never be recovered, so please do not forget this!

Is my data synced to mobiles?

All of your data is stored online, not locally on your laptop or mobile. You can access this data from any mobile device.

Can i permanently delete all of my data, if I wish?

Yes, if you go to settings and delete your user account this will remove both you as a user and all your data permanently from our database(s)

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